We are so very excited that you have found the internet home of Rehoboth Church!

Rehoboth Church is a new church planted in Jefferson, Georgia. We are a local church that seeks to reach out into the community and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Everyone has a history, but God doesn't look at your history when He chooses your destiny. No matter the path you have walked down in your life, God loves you and seeks to see you reach your destiny. Just like the old song says, there is room at the cross for you. There is room at Rehoboth Church for you too! In Genesis 26:22 Isaac built a new well and he called that place Rehoboth, "the Lord has made room for us." If you feel left out, hopeless, pushed aside, or like you just don't fit in; Rehoboth Church is a home for you.

The Bible teaches that people will know that we are His disciples because we have love one for another. Jesus is the giver of grace, the provider of redemption, and the lover of your soul. Jesus was the permanent sacrifice providing salvation from the penalty of sin, and His church is to be an open demonstration of God's love to His creation.

Our Senior Pastor's mission statement says it all, "Hope for the Hopeless, Healing for the Hurting, and Love for the Outcast!"